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The vision of The Council of Ngabo.

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The council of Ngabo is a vision, and movement which originates from an upgraded extension of the council of Jerusalem. It contains and carries a prophetic mandate with an apostolic and Rabbinic commission.

The vision of the Council of Ngabo was birthed forth through the Spirit of The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for the sake of restoring the apostolic office and the Rabbinic spiritual influence that the body of Jesus Christ lost during the regime of the Roman empire in the year 325 AD.

The apostolic council of Jerusalem wrote the constitutional letters which administrated, governed and infra structured the body of Christ and the gentile world. But during the Regime of Emperor Constantine of Rome, the council of Jerusalem was discontinued, and replaced by the Roman council of Nicea.

During the year of 2005 when the pop of Rome died, The Council of Ngabo was given the mandate to begin to write prophetic constitutional letters which contains the prophetic information that governs the body of Christ and the global community (world at large).

During the Autumn of 2012, on the day of Atonement, after my journey from Africa (Sierra Leone), the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob commanded us to begin to write constitutional letters which governs all the spheres of life.

Constitutional letters which governs the 12 systems are now being written by the council of Ngabo, and also related into the human conscious via prophetic prayers, prophetic teachings, article writings, media, connecting and networking with celebrities, conscious lifestyle, etc.

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Apostle Alex & Jeanette Ngabo