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About us.

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The house of the prophets.

The house of the prophets was prophetically designed by the almighty God, for prophetic teaching, for spiritual warfare, for prayer and for supernatural demonstration of God's power,

by protecting, defending and bringing justice to the body of Christ and the human race at large.

We have also been given the mandate of empowering the body of Christ by imparting the true sanctified vision which comes by revelation unto God's people, where we prophetically speak, anoint and ordain ministries for the end-time harvest!!!!

The body of Christ is not perfected until the five fold ministering skills are manifested (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers).

Ephesians 4:11-13. We are also commissioned with a prophetic messianic mandate, building the spiritual bridge between the Jewish nation, physical Israel and the Christian believers, the body of Christ, the spiritual Israel.


There is nothing that God can say or reveal on this earth unless it goes through the prophets first. When God wanted to anoint a king of His own style by His own heart (David) there was a prophet that prophesied him in existence (Samuel),

when God wanted to execute judgement against the spirit of Jezebel there was a prophet (Elisha) that prophesied (spoke forth) and anointed Jehu, whom God used to kill Jezebel (2 kings 9:1-3 and 2 kings 9:30-33).

When God wanted to bring Jesus on the scene, make him popular and empower him with power to demonstrate his miracles, there was a prophet named John the baptist who prophesied Jesus' ministry into existence and prepared the way for it.

In the beginning before God did anything, the first thing He did was to prophesy (be a prophet) "let there be light and light was" (Gen 1:3).

The yoke can never be broken, unless the prophets prophesy.
· The leaders of the nations can never submit under God's will, unless the prophets prophesy
(Exodus 4:22-23).
· The pastors can never preach the perfect undiluted revelations of God, unless the prophets prophesy.
· The spirit of poverty over the nations can never be totally conquered and eliminated, unless the prophets prophesy. (
2 Kings 6:24-25 & 2 Kings 7:1).
· God Himself can never have total control or dominion over the earth, unless the prophets prophesy (Isaiah 6:8-9).

That's why The House of the prophets has been sent forth to raise up some prayerful, powerful, prophesying, power packed warriors, ready to prophesy the perfect will of God upon this earth to raise up leaders that will manifest God's glory in all the 12 systems that requires leadership in the world.

The education system, the economic system, the politic system, the agricultural system, the medical system, the entertainment system, the religious system, the military system, the internet system, the communication system, the industrial system and the spiritual system.

Apostle Alex & Jeanette Ngabo