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The evil covenant that Nimrod the black man made with Satan

The book of Daniel 7:25 says; He shall speak pompous words against the Most high, shall persecute the saints of the Most high and he shall intend to change God's times and law

Like I said before that the qualities of Nimrod were given unto him by God, Nimrod was a leader but because he desired and decided to do his own will through rebelling against God,

this gave Satan an opportunity to notice and acknowledge his evil zeal, and this exposed him to the deception of Satan's tricks, Satan promised to give him the power to rule over the entire human race,

and this promise was going to be achieved only if Nimrod would fulfill this commission or accept the demands of this agreement.

This agreement is made up of three segments that Nimrod had to accept and abide to so that the evil covenant which he made with Satan may be able to fulfill it's spiritual rights and purpose.

1: The first agreement he had to agree to was the surrendering of the black race, by making a covenant oath; that as a black man, and a spiritual leader to the black race,

he was able to give Satan the authority to rule over the descendants of the black race that were to proceed from his seed beginning from the fall of Adam to the generations that will come after him,

this is the reason why most of the false prophets, magicians, soothsayers, sorcerers, diviners, palm readers, people who communicate to spirits, and those that predict the future most of them are Africans,

In fact during the biblical olden days the very dark black colored race or people were known for their spiritual abilities that enabled them to be able to see and to predict into the future (people sought and consulted them for spiritual counsel, and the Kings of the olden days used to hire them as their spiritual advisers as in Daniel 2:2, Daniel2:27).

Today this seed of Nimrod is wide spread among different cultures and groups of people, the spiritual concept of the tower of Babel (the word Babel meaning; the gate way of the gods,

the worship of many spirits and the ability of being able to communicate to the spirits of the ancient gods) has been preserved among the descendants of Nimrod as an honor to the covenant he made with Satan before the building of the tower of Babel.

In Egypt Pyramids were built in honor and reverence to the gods of Nimrod, today we have the Mayan culture which practices the building of pyramids called; the stairway to heaven,

which enables them to draw closer to their ancient gods so that they may have a clear communication with the spirits, and on the top of these pyramids there is a shrine dedicated to a god or a goddess.

As you know; Nimrod was also an astrologer (a person that is able to discern and to interpret the meaning of the stars or zodiac signs in the universe.)

The spiritual ability of being able to interpret the Zodiac signs in the universe was also given to the black man by God (Gen 1:14), but during the rebellion of Nimrod this gift was then shifted and perverted and also committed to Satan.

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