When you want to be ordained, you have got to first remember one thing. If you are to be ordained , it is for God and not for you to start calling yourself Pastor, Prophet, Apostle or Evangelist...You are being ordained because God called you before you came into your mothers womb and He ordained you a prophet, apostle, teacher etc...

So when you are to be ordained it is more than just a paper stating that you have a new title. When you get ordained, you enter into a covenant with God, just like in the book of 2 Chronicles 34:30-31 . King Josiah stood infront of the men of Judah, inhabitants of Jerusalem, the priests and the Levites, great and small people and ther he made a covenant with the Lord, to walk after His commandments, His testimonies and His statutes, with ALL his heart and ALL his soul to perform the words of the covenant which are written in this book (the Torah, five books of Moses).

The day of you ordination is the day when you really enter into a covenant with God, saying to Him that from the day you are ordained, you are willing to use your talent, ministry or something that you are good at, to honour His name instead of honouring yourself with your godly given gift, the day you submit your gift to His perfect will and purpose.

We ordain businessmen and women, polititians, prophets, apostles, lawyers pastors, teachers etc..to bring their gifts and strength in being faithful to the one that created them.