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Privacy policy.

Featured materials on this website.

Every material (video, articles, pictures and information) that is featured on this website has been chosen or featured for the sake of educating and exposing the information that can enlighten and help our societies, communities and world that we live in into becoming a better place.

Imagine; If every human being on this planet earth had access to the right information, (information that can be able to educate human beings into a mindset of positive and healthy thinking),

then this also will contribute to the eliminating of violence on the streets, violence in families and schools, racial discrimination, child molesting, and the promotion that has increased the consumption of materials of violence and immoral behaviors will be disvalued, ignored and exposed.

When our communities and schools are positively inspired and informed in the realm of taking care of humanity and being responsible for the welfare of others, then more jobs, financial increase, and resources that can make life better will be also created.

The house of the prophets would like to give thanks to the ministries, companies, news TV broadcast, media producers, people who designed website softwares, movie producers, covenant partners, generous givers, and the people that have created the media, pictures, articles, videos that have enabled this internet vision of educating our societies to take place.

Thank you; and once again, thank you very much; your deeds will be rewarded by God in this present time and the life to come.


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Apostle Alex & Jeanette Ngabo, The house of the prophets.