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Slave Trade.

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Brazilian slave traders inspect a group of slaves shipped in from Africa for sale.


Slave Trade.

Slaves were commodities on the stock market, which were traded (bought and sold) in the form of human beings, and each slave was sold with the intentions of fulfilling his master's needs,

for example; if the master or buyer of the slave needed someone to work in his farm yard or fields,

then this purchased slave would become the commodity that fulfils that labour,

and if a slave master was addicted to some kind of immoral behaviour like the behaviour of sexual immorality,

then his slave will become the victim that suffers the consequences which derive from the bad characteristics of his master.

Some slave masters had different types of slaves:

Some slaves were used for hard labours, and the other type of slaves were used for fantasy entertainments and objects that gives sexual pleasures to their masters.

Extramarital sex between a married man and a slave was not considered adultery in most societies that accepted slavery, women abuse and forced prostitution is an act that was accepted by the cruel evil masters that owned slaves.

In the stock market of slave trade there was different categories of slaves which brought in income into the stock market.

The word Slavery is generally defined or refers to a situation where one human being is considered to be the property (commodity) of another, through the process of buying and selling, this slave is destined to fulfil the desires of the person that purchased him from the stock market.

The Stock market,

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.