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The things we do not understand.

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The things we do not understand.

The things that we do not understand, and the people that we have a hard time to relate to, are the same things and people that God uses to bring us out of the limitations of our head knowledge.

Did you know that your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your memories, your dreams and your movements are controlled by your head (being your brain).

Everything you have done and what your forefathers have experienced and done is all stored up in the part of your brain called hippocampus, where memories (things you need to remember are kept).

And also this is the same part of your brain you always consult every time you are about to do something new in your life.

Your experiences will determine the decisions you make.

If your memory does not recall to have experienced that new experience that you are about to do, then your emotions begins to reject your decisions that you had made,

and all over sudden you start to have doubts, negative thoughts, reasoning's and arguments in within yourself.

And the next thing that happens is that; the fear of doing something new, overcomes your desire of beginning something new.

The scripture in Exodus 34:29-34 says; that Moses came down from meeting God on the mountain with a shining face or head.

His head was shining because of God's glory, thoughts, dreams, teachings, desires, revelations and plans,which were given unto him by God to deliver to the people of Israel.

But when he came to the people,they said to him ”Moses” your face (head, wisdom, plans, God's will) is shining to bright; will you please cover your head? and Moses started to cover his head (face) with a veil.

The scientist say that most of the people on earth use only about 10% of their brain capacity.

Now what happens with the rest of the 90% of their brain capacity?

Well! I tell you the truth; the 90% is limited by the previous experiences that happened in the life of the person that owns that brain.

Moses came down from the mountain to take the people from their limitations (head knowlegde) into God's unlimited experience or knowledge.

But because of fear and not being able to trust the one that God had sent, they decided to reject their new experience.

To excel who you are and what limits your head (brain), you must be willing to allow other relationships to lead you where you cannot go yourself.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.

The work of a shepherd.