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What you think, dream and the pictures of where you are going, is hidden in within your brain.

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What you think, dream and the pictures of where you are going, is hidden in within your brain.

Remember that every organ in a human body is influenced by the power of speech.

The brain is an organ that was created by God to keep memories, to dream, to get ideas, to think and also to send communication signals to different parts of the body.

The development of people's mind or (knowledge) is deposited into their brains by the leaders that are in authority of leadership over their lives.

The first leaders in a person's life that gets to impart the picture of self-identity in a person's life are the parents.

Now, when the parents of a child are so abusive, insulting and mean towards their children, that act of insult can form pictures of knowledge in within a child's brain,

that will always haunt and discourage that child when ever he or she tries to do things that will make him a person that takes responsibility in a society.

Before you encourage, convince and believe in yourself, there must have been someone that educated your brain to think in that way.

And before you fail and become a failure in life, there must also have been someone in your life that taught you how to fail.

People fail not because they are failures, but because their leaders have called them failures even before they failed,

so the only way to erase the evil thoughts and dreams in your mind is to find faithful godly spiritual leaders that will teach you God's ways,

so that they may become your spiritual covering that will be responisble to the giving birth of your spiritual destiny into your life.

By: Apostle A. Ngabo.

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