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England is doomed!

Posted October 2005 by Apostle Ngabo

Oh UK, Oh UK, Great Britain, a nation that condemns God, persecutes and throws out God's apostles from the Land that I send to bless this nation,

You who allows perversion to reign and exalts yourself above God's written laws. Now your doom has come!.

I have given you the right to exercise your wickedness, even over My church in England,

You are going to make laws that will pervert justice,

You are going to oppress the poor and the middle class, you are even going to turn My church (preachers of the gospel) into a den of thieves,

You are going to make laws that promote homosexuality and every kind of abomination,

You will even force these abominable laws upon My church, to make them swear an oath, so that they may worship your idols, commit adultery and defile My people.

After the process of seven years, I am going to return with a two edged sword in My mouth to destroy you, humble you and cleanse you from all your idol worship and also in that time will I empower My people, I will anoint them with oil and the lion (the church) will roar again, says the Lord.

By: Apostle Ngabo



















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