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Revival in Finland

Posted May 2007


As Apostle Enroos was in Finland on the 24th of May 2007, the Lord moved so strongly upon the people who attended the International school of the Prophets.

In the midst of the prophetic session that he was teaching for that day, the presence of God came so strong upon the leaders, and then Apostle Enroos saw Jesus Christ in a vision (Yeshua our Lord), kneeling down, and in that same prophetic vision that he saw, the Lord instructed him to blow the shofar over the government of Finland, so that the hidden plans of the government of Finland may be revealed and brought to light


After he had blown the shofar, a lightening went forth over the government building of Finland andhe saw angles ministering God's purpose and will in that place.

The Lord also told him that; now I am going to expose the government's evil plans through the news media all over the nation of Finland, because if they are not exposed, this could spiritually and physically affect the citizens of Finland and also bring a cruel judgment of God upon that nation .


Glory be to God for His prophets that are sensitive to His spirit!

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