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Return to your first love, Kampala city!

Posted the 9th of January 2007 by Apostle Ngabo


The spirit of the Lord spoke to me prophetically with urgency and said;

 “Will not what I do even be known in the city of Kampala (Uganda). I have observed and I have patiently restrained My hand of Judgement, but the city of Kampala has become extremely polluted and spiritually corrupted”

And then the spirit of the Lord continued to speak unto me and said;

“The preachers of the gospel in Kampala (Uganda) have loved material wealth more than seeking My face, many of them have even sacrificed young children to demons, so that they may get more wealth and power”.

“Many have committed adultery, aborted babies from women's womb to pour out their blood unto evil spirits, and they have not repented from their sins, but they zealously continue in pursuit of their false vision.

The place they call My church has become a den of thieves, a place where people come to fulfil their selfish desires and a church that turns My people into children that are predestined to repeat the evil deeds of the leadership in that church”.

“Even the nation of Uganda itself has become spiritually blind because the people that are called by My name have not humbled themselves to seek My face and to fear My holy name”.

And as I heard this I covered myself with my prayer shawl and I cried unto the Lord to have mercy, but the Lord replied me and said;

“The verdict (decision, judgement) has been made, I am going to bring a flood to flood the city of Kampala with water and wash away the iniquity and the idols (buildings, churches and riches) that these people have put their trust in, instead of trusting My holy and mighty name.

Unless the people that are called by My name repent and turn away from their wicked ways and do what is right, maybe then I will reconsider and turn away My anger from that city”.

In this prophetic vision I also heard women weeping and crying because of their lost ones that had passed away through the flood. 

By Apostle Ngabo









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