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How do you overcome anger?






Do not let the sun go down on your anger, but let your anger become a self constructive tool, and not a self destructive fool.

It's not bad to get angry, but it is bad to use your anger to destroy other people's lives, Every time you are overwhelmed with the feeling of anger, this also means that you are about to do some thing that goes beyond your previous experience of emotional boundaries and limitations.

That is why; when ever you get angry and irritated, it is because you are being confronted by your own weakness which is trying to pass a signal into your brain, that you are not going to be able to fulfill what you want to do on your own with out some body else's help, and all over sudden your emotions begins to desperately cry out; we need help! And then your physical intellect replies; I don't need help; I can do it on my own.

And because of this inner conflict that is going on between the body and the soul, the emotional feeling called anger is brought into being through this inner conflict. Every time someone gets angry, this also means that it's time to come down, take a deep breath, say to your self; am not going to get angry, and then find someone that can help you with the situation that is making you angry.

When you look back at the things that makes you angry, you are going to find out that these are the same areas where you have not yet developed a mature character yet to be able to handle the situation on your own with out some body else's help.

Some body once said to me; Ah! This computer makes me angry; it never does what I want it to do! How about the person that curses his children in anger?

There is another a married couple that I knew which got lost as they were driving to there friends house, after they had spent hours driving around a block, the wife realized they were lost, so she nicely said unto her husband; why don't we ask for directions? In anger the husband replied and said; shut up woman; I know what am doing.

How do you overcome anger?

You overcome anger by submitting yourself and accepting the fact that you need help with that situation that is making you angry, if it's your wife making you angry, then you need to submit your anger and turn it into a constructive energy by finding a spiritual adviser that will give spiritual counsel and advice into your marriage.

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