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New Moon
New moon and full moon (seasons of answered prayers)

In the seasons of new moon and full moon according to the scientific research, the scientists say that this is when the oxygen that human beings breathe in and out,

the moistures and the elements that sustains nature, animals, plants, and trees increases in the Earth,

That is why God commanded Israel to blow the trumpets (shofar horns) in the seasons of new moon and full moon according to Psalm 81:3-7,

also established as seasons of answered prayers and giving of offerings unto God in Isaiah 66:22-23, Psalm 72:5-14, Isaiah 30:26, 1 Chronicles 23:31, and Numbers 29:6

New moon and full moon also being the seasons when God impregnates the earth and the people that dwell in it, with His purposes, plans and prophetic vision.

And in these seasons God also brings to fullness (completion) the promises of His will to His people.

Remember that the Hebrew months on God's calendar they all begin when the moon is new (new moon)

The word new moon means; to conceive or to impregnate, and the word full moon means; the thing that was conceived in the season of new moon has come to its fullness or completion and it's time for it to bring forth fruits or give birth

In the season of new moon the beginning of the 7 th month called Tishrei on God's calendar, God began to plant the garden of Eden by putting plants, gold, silver and all the precious stones in it, He also filled the garden in Eden with His presence according to Genesis 2:8-16.

It takes 14 to 15 days from the time when the moon is new to point where the moon becomes full with the light of the sun (full moon), and it takes another 14 to 14 days for the moon to return back to its size of new moon again, altogether that takes 29 to 30 days. A Hebrew month on God's calendar has 30 days.






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